Monday, August 23, 2010

2 days off = 2 days food fest

I was happier than a motherfucker, on that fine friday night when I was given 2 days off. Well that day wasn't so fine as I drove back to my home (that's around 100+km) on a heavy downpour....during midnight.

Reached home around 1230 hrs and I was glad, yet hungry.
I showered and scrubbed clean clean kao kao, yet still hungry.
I went online and chat a bit with friends, did my usual facebook stuff, yet still hungry.
Fuck that, I said. So I asked my nice maid to make me some good old fashioned instant noodles.

Just like old times....

2 packets of instant noodles + 6 cocktail sausages + 1 egg = A way to end the night

So the next day...had to wake up 7am coz it takes me an hour to get know, the usual make up, sanitary pads and shit. 8am, I called the car service centre to have my car serviced in 30mins time. Car servicing took about 40minutes. Went to DHL to send a parcel. Then went to limteh with my dad. Then went to gadong to buy some stuff, yada yada yada.

Afternoon, it was just me and starcraft 2 on a date.

Then evening around 6pm, kah chik, hadi and another dude (desmond) went to charcoal and grill to have the sungkai buffet. Now let me give a little introduction about this wonderful sungkai buffet which I have unfortunately missed as I was studying in Perth for 2 years. The introduction goes something like this : ALL MEAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON MEAT PEOPLE!

Yeah well, my camera broke okay. The camera which has so many upskirts memories, videos, survived dozens of falls, splashed with gallons of water (it's not even waterproof)...has departed this modern electronics world. So screw it, I use my phone to take pictures from now until further notice. (Oh btw...I'm using a samsung galaxy S. That phone is easy to use and certified by me. If I could use an electronic gadget, it's proven idiot-proof). WELL SORRY FOR TYPING SUCH A LONG COMMENT AND I HAVEN'T COMMENTED ON THE PICTURE. LOTS OF PEOPLE OKAY ! THERE YOU HAVE IT !

pffftttt......salad corner. My eyes bled at the very sight of these.

Now we're talking. They have all the dishes lined up, meat, whatever, ready for us to pick and eat it right away...on our plates on the table of course !

I liked this beef stew. So thick, so fat, nice gravy. So healthy.

My first round. You could see mushroom soup on the right. And I have some random mix of meat on my plate. Lamb satay, lamb teriyaki, jambalaya rice.

See that pile of shit-like shit at the right side of the plate, which looks like your cat food? Well, that's the kebab ! I just wanted the meat by itself...because I want, and I can. Told the bread, onions, and whatever shit that's on an average kebab to fuck off.

Is that some cow or something? Oh and that lamb on the skewer is good.

See, that's the BEST and most POWERFUL thing about the charcoal and grill buffet ! Not only do they have food on buffet trays. The main highlight of this buffet is that they go around tables giving you grilled & BBQ-ed stuff. You want it, you tell 'em, they dump it on your plate. As simple as ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, and 12345678910111213141516......(I ain't chuck norris okay. He counted to infinity. Twice).

There we have...the kah chik. Busy man, always on the telephone.

Sausage, lamb, fish. Go find.

Cuttlefish baby ! Always good. But not as good as 3 years ago where it was so chewy and's the squid that melts in your mouth, not in your stomach.

Lamb leg. Slice em up for us !

Our BBQ under control. Managed to eat what we took.

Oops...I meant...PRAWNS !

Chicken drumsticks, how I missed you.

The more the merrier.

Kah Chik : Why hello there, Mr. Smoked beef. I'm gonna EAT YA !
Nah just joking. He didn't say a word. His face has been frozen like that for 10mins at the very sight of it.

After 10 minutes in another dimension. Equivalent to 10000 light years.

Chicken toast at the end. I didn't quite like this. We were too full.

Total bill for 4 people, but we had 30% off that amount since Kah chik has a SCB credit card. Nice! So the ACTUAL buffet price is $31 per person. After discount that's about $22 per person. WORTH IT !

After the hearty meal, we went over to mall cineplex to watch movie, The Expendables. It's a good movie...I liked it coz it's pretty hardcore and there's lots of blood, and brutal too! Some scenes are quite funny though. Love the humour.

So sunday....went out with Andy, haven't seen him for sometime. Went to have dimsum at Lucky Restaurant, which is a chinese restaurant. And this is one of those chinese restaurant which serves pork...unlike the other legal chinese restaurants. HAHAHA. Too confusing? I hope so.

Fucken forget to use macro mode. Just wanted to show there's lots of options to choose from!
More choices than perth's dimsum of course !

This was what we ordered. Loved it to the max!
I love them pigs...they're my friends from the moment it touches my tongue...all the way to my stomach. The process after that, I couldn't give a shit, coz that's shit....literally. For 2 persons, the meal cost around $15 per person. Reasonable!

Went to gadong mall after that. Wanted to have a look at stuff and see if there's anything interesting to get. Sadly, no.

Ended up at secret recipe. See there's no one at this time (around 2pm) coz it's the fasting period. Was using my phone to take VINTAGE MODE. Quite cool hey.

Vintage mode again (option : cool) ! I ordered flat white and espresso cheese cake.

Vintage mode (option : warm). I ordered flat white and espresso cheese cake.
Hey, wait a minute...I thought I said that already. Deja vu.

Just beside my table, I took a photo through the window in VINTAGE MODE AGAIN(man, I love this mode). Lotsa cars!!!! Cars are so cheap in Brunei. That and FUEL! I think if there's 20cars moving in that picture, there's only 10 drivers. Each driver brings along 2 cars. Drive the car for 5 minutes, run back to get the other car, drive for another 5 minutes, get in the other car. Repeat process until destination.

Andy my old time buddy since my HND days. Funny guy.

At night, we went out to de tymez with my buddies kah chik and hadi to have dinner. Took pictures...but too lazy to upload. I got work tomorrow okay! You should be glad I blogged! I could've used that precious 30 minutes to do something else that's really worth 30 minutes. Like making strangers angry. And by strangers, I meant Shahrin (see my previous entries to find out who this mysterious guy is). That fucker deleted me from facebook. Just you wait till I grab your balls! And that's not the kind of grab with the "happy ending".


Friday, August 13, 2010

Talk about some freaking AFKings....

Well well about some afk or brb. It's been a freaking long time since I blogged. So long, that I now have....3 testicles.

Anyhoo....matter of fact is, ever since I've gotten a job (especially one that is highly demanding and has "no day or night"....and we're not talking about some redlight district) I have been very tired and lazy.

My work is not a normal 8-5pm work where I open my leg big big. I finish work at odd hours. Sometimes during the job time, can have just 8hours of sleep. Yeah I know what you guys are thinking...that's a lot of sleep. But WAIT ! Those 8hours of sleep are the total hours of sleep I have in 4 days. NOT 14, not 40 ! Not 24 or whatever typo for that matter ! It's 4 !!!!!

On the other hand, looking at the bright side...when it's not our call.....we cool. Yet I just want to spend time relaxing and by relaxing, i mean PORN ! Just kidding ! I mean just lazying around or reading some stuffs. OR trying to read.

And the other day when I had an off day....was planning to get back to my hometown, coz that's some 110km from where I live at the staffhouse now. But SOOOO UNFORTUNATELY, I WAS FEELING FEVERISH THE NIGHT BEFORE. THE SHIVERS ! So I felt lazy to drive back home. Then the next day...I had the usual symptoms of FOOD POISONING. So went to the clinic and was under medication. So that off day was my healing day. Next day, back to work as usual.

Sooooo....yesterday I had a half day off ! And guess what ! I drove back to my hometown. Haven't been back for 1mth+.

Reached home about 1pm. My mother was glad to see me, for sure. Called up my buddies as usual. Couple of days ago, I asked kah chik (see my past PERTH graduation blog entries to see this guy) to buy for me ....STARCRAFT 2 !!! OH OH OH...MY GAWD !

So I gave him a call, he was busy looking after his shop. He asked me to drop by if I was free so I zoomed straightaway. 8mins drive. Had some food there. Played with his son for a bit. I think his son likes me. His son and me...we could be a clan someday.

I had kolo mee with pork trotters. Haven't been eating pork for a freaking long time.

Kah chik and me shared the kway chap. But we go straight to the point with the belly straight on! Love it baby !
WHOOOHOOOO ! Could run this on my HP laptop ! Not bad hey !

So as you guys would know, this month (12/08/10) is the start of the Ramadan month. Well, that's buffet fiesta for me. I miss it, coz like I was in perth for 2 years and haven't had the chance to attack any restaurants for the buffet promotions. The reason why the buffet during this time is not the same as other months, is because of competition. Know what I'm saying? Coz you know nearly all restaurants are having this buffet promotion. And you know people.....they just try a random restaurant just once. Or they go to a restaurant recommended by friends and families. If the restaurant sucks, ain't no one gonna go there no more. They'd be better off trying other places. # 1 is......RIZQUN !

Actually, as always...packed with people !

Very nice ambience, good, service. Just some people pushy pushy other people when taking food that's quite annoying. And people cutting queues just because "OH HE'S MY FAMILY MEMBER TOO...SO I JUST DROP BY TAKE FEW PIECES OF CHICKEN".

My first plate. You see some BBQ baby lamb at the left. Some otak-otak (fish) at the centre top. And roast chicken at the top left. And's self-explanatory.

Plate #2 : Black peppered mussels on the left. 3 pieces of tomato chicken. Some fried noodles nicely hiding the nasi briyani below it. And there's more roast chicken at the bottom too.

Plate #3 : Had some murtabak telor, roast chicken again, otak-otak (wrapped in the leaf). And ONE shumai. I took the last shumai on the counter. Damn "last piece" rule.

So overall...this restaurant has not disappointed me since the last time I ate here 3 years ago. Back and my gang from ITB school, attacked this restaurant week after week. Total of 9 times I went to this restaurant in one month. Glad I did.

Which restaurant should I attack next on my next off day?

Stay tuned.....


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graduation Week. Day 5 of 5.

Finally ! The "last day" pictures are finally here ! Sorry for the delay....I wanted to keep you guys anticipated and eager but I guess some people already lost their eagerness. lols.

Thousand apologies with a thousand island sauce on it.....with an extra special love gravy....

ANYHOO...THIS IS IT people ! The last day of my stay at perth.
I hope you enjoy the ride while you're asleep coz it's too damn boring.

Date and Day : 27/03/10, Saturday

So today we just walked around, fulfill the destiny of the legendary perth apple struddle, went back to garden city again and snap some pics here and there, this and that.

A proper view of our apartment which we stayed in.
Located at West Perth. You could say it's very much in front of harbour town.
Good apartment and it's cheap too. A$155 for 3 persons per night.

Harbour town adverts.

One of the entrances of harbour town....and hadi's head.

The city view.
Would it look the same if I were to visit here 10yrs after?

A very happy man which would look the same 10yrs after.

Our treasure hunting experience to find corica, the apple struddle shop. I went to the wrong street. Bad sense of direction, no shit.

Gonna miss this Brass monkey which reminds very much of Northbridge especially at night.

Pot Black. A place which is advertised on radio quite often, but I never had the motivation to step foot in here. Well I did once, but it's just like a snooker place =/

That's the CAT bus which is FOC for everyone, anyone.

Corica, an apple struddle place like no other.
All other apple struddles tastes like water.

Again this is not a library, it's a damn nightclub.
It's so misleading that when a kid tell his mom he's gonna go to the library to study, I think he deserves a fuckslap on his face.

Dimsum for kah chik and myself.

This is just a fragment of what we ordered.
It just keeps on coming and coming and coming.....and cumming...

Apple struddle which we brought into the restaurant.
Desert. How cool is that?

Best damn thing ever.
Everything from the sugary glazed crispy skin, to the bread that has a perfect crisp in your mouth, to the cream which reminds you of cunnilingus, to the fresh granny smiths all makes up to one delicious dish, a kolo mee.
JK LAH ! OF course apple struddle ! Hamlan.

And cumming and cumming...

The entrance/exit of the dimsum place, golden dragon restaurant.

Hey yo, Ne-yo !

That is the real Western Australia State Library.

Art gallery.

Whenever I think of commonwealth bank, I think of shahrin.
A guy who's standing right in front of it before and telling me he couldn't find it so he went back home. I told him it's right beside city beach. LITERALLY.

Hello matenessses.

Busy perth day as always.

Went into enex100, sort of a new section of shopping centre in perth city, not that grand. OKOK ONLY AHHH.

Bus ride to garbo a.k.a. garden city.

Thank you bus.


Getting the pretzels wassit?

Lots of people eating. Business thriving.

Supposedly ROC Candy makes candy or various designs/flavours/etc which you could customize and request them to make. And you can always see them making the candy, looks cool.

K-mart. Went here to meet a friend, Kwanthar. Unfortunately no pics with him =(

Bling Bling !
Swarovski crystals !

One of the foodcourt stalls, maya masala.

Everyone queuing for red rooster, including kah chik.

I was TOO FULL to even think about eating.
Could you believe it that I did not even have a DQP (double quarter pounder) from MacDonalds, or a Morning Glory from Jester pies??!!?!

Back to our apartment.
That is how big Shahrin's mouth can be.
So if you're guys are interested, call him at +61413918xxx.
The 'x' is one of the numbers from 0-9. This is a test to see how determined you are to get him.

I was so tired, I had a mother. Not a MILF sadly, but just a mother. It says on the side there "Mother of an Energy Drink". I was too tired, I slept until my buddies arrived. Serene and Tiong were so nice to offer us a ride to the airport. Thank you very much, so much, too much, much much.

I was too shakened and overwhelmed and joy and climaxed too...that my hands were shaky.

Dave and Karen went with Tiong to see us fly fly fly.

Hadi looks like he wanna beat me up.

I look like I have no arms.

Serene and Karen, Thanks for coming ! =))

Tiong and Shahrin also many thanks !

Some of our light snacks from dome and red rooster.

The clan.

Why Shahrin take pics macam wanna upskirt like that?

I think it's damn easy to guess who's taking this right?

Dome...not a bad place for coffee.

Some of the shops in the airport.

Feels so sad I'm flying off so soon..

Take more pictures first !
There's red rooster ! I've never eaten at red rooster even once in my 2years stay at perth =(

Having a good and funny time. lols.
Thanks lots guys.

I'm gonna miss all the coffee in perth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen and her fast hands.

Is this it? This is it. ='(

Thanks to everyone who have attended my graduation.
Thanks to everyone who saw me off at the airport.
Thanks to everyone who are in these pictures.
Thanks to all my colleagues in my uni, without you guys, I would fail bad !
Thanks to everyone I meet and had the honour to know you during my 2year stay in perth, yes, you, you, you and everyone of you who knows me in any single way, yes you.

Aiyah~ too long winded, fuck it.

Thanks to all and all the best in everything you do !
See you guys in the near future.

With this, I close my Chapter in perth which lasted for 2years....all good, nothing bad.