Monday, November 16, 2009

Which finger did it bite?

Date and Day : 16/11/09, Monday
People : Tiong #2, Tiong, Cheryl, Daryl, me.

Cheryl planned to have a small gathering or lunch together before I leave.
So we planned to go to dragon palace to have dimsum =))

As days go by, one day after another, the feeling that I'm leaving perth seems too quick. SLOW DOWN !

Enjoy and treasure every moment and the presence of friends that you have.

Entrance of dragon palace. Beautiful orchids !

Cheryl and her bf, Tiong #2

The cousins. The Tiongness.

Dimsums I love.

Tiong was too excited. He had to stand up and order what he wanted.

More stuff. WHACK ONLY !

Matthew, the exotic one and Cheryl, the friendly chatter.

Saw this in garden city. BATH TIME SQUIRTIES! It says it all.
These are what pollute the minds of little kids.
"I SQUIRT WATER" it says. And a boy would be asking "what else could be squirted other than water?"
Then I cannot deny one's education and I would have to give him good knowledge.
"DON'T SQUIRT ME" it says. And the boy would be asking "How to squirt?"
And again I would have to give him added-on knowledge.

I love this tree. Pretty, lovely, purple flowers bloom during the spring time.
So nice ! Too nice !

Followed Tiong to corica's today (17/11/09).

Library. Good books not !
This is a club. Very sneaky.
The next club would perhaps be called "Immigration Office for real. So real that we guarantee you a PR"

On the way back from City. Look at that white bus.
What do you see? If you are blind, scroll below.

The first time I was in perth, I was so happily saying it out loud "WAH! COCKBURN". I said it the way it's meant to be in english = COCK+BURN.
But my friend laughed non-stop and said that it's pronounced as "COO-BURN".


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